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Advertising, exhibiting and sponsoring opportunities to reach credit unions


Are you looking for a great way to connect with credit union directors, executives, frontline managers and staff? Our monthly newsletters are right for you! Your printed 8.5x11 flyers can be inserted into our newsletter mailings throughout the year. Up to three inserts are accepted per issue.

Credit Union Directors Newsletter

This monthly newsletter keeps directors up-to-speed on everything they need to know for peak performance, including leadership, legislation, regulatory compliance, operations and strategic planning.

Print Newsletter:
2,444 print subscribers from 756 unique organizations
PDF Newletter: 66 PDF subscribers from 59 unique organizations

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Credit Union Front Line Newsletter

This monthly newsletter engages and educates frontline managers and staff on sales strategies, risk-management tactics and outstanding member service.

Print Newsletter:
403 subscribers from 392 unique organizations

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Looking for more information on reaching credit unions?

Opportunities include:

  • Print or Digital Advertising
  • Exhibiting or Sponsoring
  • Strategic Alliances
  • CUNA CORE - New education event for service providers

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