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CUNA eSchools & Webinars

CUNA’s eSchools and webinars offer the same learning objectives, handouts, and instructors as our traditional, face-to-face training — the difference is in the added convenience of the online delivery channel. 

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eSchool Sponsorships

Here’s your chance to get your brand in front of more credit unions by sponsoring a CUNA eSchool! To provide more credit union staff the opportunity to hear detailed information regarding their credit union duties, CUNA adapts many of its face-to-face schools into eSchools. Just like face-to-face classes, CUNA eSchools allow attendees to see and hear a presentation, ask questions of the speaker and refer to handouts. eSchools are delivered in three to ten classroom sessions, allowing attendees to integrate their new knowledge into their daily responsibilities.

What does an eSchool sponsorship include?
When you sponsor a CUNA eSchool, your organization will be showcased before and during the event.

Before the event:

  • Inclusion in the email invitations
  • On the website for both the live and recorded event
  • In the marketing emails for the eSchool

During the live eSchool:

  • Promotional slides or video running in the "waiting room" as attendees enter
  • Your logo in a pod
  • A poll question at the end of each session with an opt-in to be contacted by the sponsor

Webinar Sponsorships

Sponsoring a CUNA webinar allows you to associate your brand with a specific topic that's relevant to credit unions. Webinars cover a topic in one 90-minute session.

What does a webinar sponsorship include?

  • Sponsor name and logo on the webinar's introductory/closing screens
  • A sponsor’s recognition page will be included with the downloadable program materials from the program
  • Your sponsor slide includes a brief description of your products and services and your company’s logo, name, address, web site, and phone number
  • Moderators will acknowledge sponsors during the session

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Opportunities include:

  • Print or digital advertising
  • Exhibiting and sponsoring
  • Strategic alliances

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